Progress? It isn't just about how you look.

I've been working out and eating healthy for a long time. I've tried all diets, detoxes, pills, basically everything.  Everything that I know now, was learned through trial and error. I have finally gotten to a point where I am happy mentally and physically. 

Before Christmas of last year I wasn't happy with the way I looked, even though I was at the peak of my fitness level, and looked the best I ever had.  I looked at progress photos and still was never happy, I ate very good, meal prepped, and workout out a lot. I weighed more on the scale, and even though it was mostly muscle mass I still dreaded the numbers on the scale. Every weekend I would go out with my friends and drink. And every week I would regret it, but still continued on an up and down roller coaster with drinking, money, and never feeling satisfied with the way I looked.  In January I went snowboarding at the only place in the world that made me happy and at peace, Keystone Resort. During my vacation I broke my wrist and collar bone. I couldn't workout. From injury I had lost a job and had no money so I ate crap, and when I finally got a job at Keystone, it was spent sitting or standing in one spot everyday at a computer, with free cookies just an arms length away. I gained weight. But I will tell you what, I let myself gain weight and eat the cookies and I didn't even care! I was so happy to be able to live in a place I loved. When I finally healed I started working out again, I picked a summer job as a Horse Wrangler because I wanted to have a fun and active job. I work at Whole Foods and can now afford to eat healthy again. I've cut out a few foods that I found gave my acne or upset my stomach. I have no food cravings, and I stopped over eating and meal prepping.

And you want to know how I look now? Exactly the same as I did before Christmas. I am back to my normal weight and fitness level. But this time, I love the way I look, and the way I feel. I make less money than I did but have saved more than I ever had. I finally have realized that it's NOT how you look, it's truly how you feel about yourself. Once you love yourself, it doesn't matter anymore, and everything falls right into place. SO STOP being hard on yourself, make life choices that make you happy. You should only want to look like YOU not anyone else. Its not about the abs, or being tall or thin. Its about being the best you, that you could ever be. Eventually everything will fall into place. But loving yourself is the first step!